The Descent o Orpheus tae the Underworld – Performance – Robert Burns Birthplace Museum

A’m that gled tae hiv done ma first opera!

Photies fae ahin the scenes:

Masel as a jugglincloon fir the first haufDirector an main man Orpheus, David Douglas

An here some photies o the performance:

Puir Euridyce’s but aff a asp an’s deid!

Demons o the unnerwarld!

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Scots Language Advisor on Ayrshire Opera’s new Opera

Delichtit fir tae be Scots language advisor fir Ayrshire Opera’s production o The Descent o Orpheus tae the Underworld.

Pit intae the Scots bi Chris Waddel o the Robert Burns Birthplace Museum A’ll be fittin pairts tae the music, advisin the cast on the pronunciation an giein interpretative advice on the narrative.  (An A’ll be […]

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East Kilbride incident wins best film award!

Full write-up in the Daily Record.  yas!  Well done tae yees aw!

BUDDING young acting talent from a Greenhills youth group made the step from stage to big screen with their short film ‘The East Kilbride Incident’.

The youngsters’ hard work and commitment during the 10 week project was recognised and rewarded at a premier […]

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Short Film – The East Kilbride Incident – Scots language advisor an Soond design

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A’d a rerr time wirkin wae Access Media on The East Kilbride Incident.  A wis a advisor fir the weans makin the film aboot wirkin wi their ain Scot vyces.  A made aw the media an soons in the backgrun, radio, TV an music.  Turnt oot braw!

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140 year o the Gleasga YWCA

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We ‘r appearin at the 140 year event wi wir Scot language game an wir lairners. We’r in the video commemorating the hunner an forty year tae!

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Saicont 10 Week Scots Language Coorse at Glesga YWCA

Efter the success o wir furst coorse  we’ll be pittin on a saicont coorse.

We’ll be ganin ower Glesga Scots, gremmar, vocabulary, poetry an comedy.  We’ll luik at fid an Burns nicht.

We’ll be daein a wee drap singin an aw!

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10 Week Scots Language Coorse at Glesga YWCA

A’m affae gled fir tae anoonce A’m gien ten oor lang clesses at Glesga YWCA.  Thir clesses is pairt o the “It’s your History!” programme thit’s celebratin the hunner an fortieth year o Glesga YWCA.

We cover Scots gremmar, Scots wirds, Scots byleids (ur dialects), Scots language in culture.  We’ll hae some guid Scots fid […]

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Introducin Scots Language – YWCA Glesga Social Gruip Efternin

A wis delichtit fir tae get invitit tae dae a full efternin o Scots wi the Glesga YWCA wimmin’s discussion gruip. The gruip is mixt wi Glesga wimmen, Polish wimmen, Indian wimmen, Egyptian wimmen, Iraqi Wimmen… There e’en a Liverpudlian wummin an aw!

We blethert aboot whit the wimmen mak o the language in Glesga […]

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