Billy Kay’s Cless Radio Documentar: “The Scots Tongue” Sterts The day!

The renew o the Series fae Billy Kay o Scots: The Mither Tongue fame sterts the day.  A’ll feature in the ae new episode, bit follae the hale series fae pairt wan here!

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Awa an see The Descent o Orpheus tae the Unnerwarl!

Bella Caledonia – Twa projects A’m pairt o at the Fringe


O is for Hoolet by Ishbel McFarlene explores whit Scots is the day. She ettles tae gie the audience an innin tae the leid fae ilka airt, includin fae ootside, quotin fae academics, fae inside, quotin fae Burns, an fae doonwards, quotin fae hersel as a bairn. Ishbel says Hoolet’s “aboot Scots at […]

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