Scotland’s first Scots Langauge Café sterts 1st September 2018

Dr Lori Watson, the first doctor of artistic research in Scottish Music, and Dr Michael Dempster, the Scots Scriever are launching the first Scots Language Café in Glasgow on 1st September 2018.  Taking place at the Project Café at 134 Renfrew Street Glasgow G3 6ST between 3pm and 5pm.

Thereafter it will be held on the evening of […]

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Coachin Scots Vyce at Birnam

Magic flute coorse in Birnam Arts – Jyne up!

Scots roon aboot Irvine herbor

There a wheen o Scots aboot the place!

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A’m wirkin wi the Citizens Theatre as a Scots Language advisor fir a major new production!

Scots in comics – lecture & wirkshop at Moniaive Comic Festival

Belter, mair fowk the day for ma lecture.  Wird got oot an hauf yisterday’s audience is back tae hear iz again!  Pure belter!

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Scots in comics – lecture at Moniaive Comic Festival

Delichtit fowk wis well intae ma talk!  Ya dancer 😀

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Ma vyce on Omniglot’s Usefae Scots Phrases site!

A yaised Simon Ager’s Omniglot site awa back in ma unnergrad degree when makin a Swahili text tae speech generator oot o ane this wis built fir Spanish text tae speech.  A’v stern in ma een fir tae edit an record the Usefae Phrases in Scots!  Check them oot here!

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Language coachin the day fir Orpheus’ descent tae the Unnerwarld!

Flytin at the Ryan Centre Theatre in Stranraer

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