Twa days lairnin fowk Scots skills in Newton Stewart

A haed a mervilous couple  o days at Douglas Ewart High School wirkin wi a wheen o clesses in their theatre.

I really enjoyed discussing similar words in English and Scots. The Grammar changing. Thinking of rhyming words in Scots.


I enjoyed all of it as I found it really interesting and I found […]

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Lairnin Scots at Girvin Academy

A grand couple o Scots language in Girvan Academy, whit a theatre!

I liked Scots similes/how to pronounce Scots words.


needed to be longer!

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Lairnin Scots at Maybole

The day A wis at twa primary schuils in Maybole , Cairn Primary an St Cuthbert’s Primary giein clesses on Scots.  Hit wis Awesome!

Cairn Primary’s gaun trilingual wi permanent dispays in English, Scots an French.  Ye cannae whack hit!

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Aiberdeen Woodside Primary an ‘O’ is for Hoolet at the Lemontree – BSL signit performance

The wirkshop here wis ane o the best.  The bairns aw kent hunners o Scots wirds!

I really enjoyed this secion. I ken that Scots isn’t used as often nowadays, but seeing someone as fluent and enthusiastic to teach Scots was awsome! Keep the good work going!


I thought it was useful to know […]

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‘O’ is for Hoolet – Kinross Kirk – hame show fir Ishbel. Sellt oot!

Haed a guid wirkshop on Scots language wi local gruip.

Banter (enjoyed)


A rerr show!  Affae guid fir tae see Ishbel’s hame crood.

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Aiberdeen Toorie!

Airyhall primary clesses in the morn.

Good fun, Good for children to learn Scots words in a fun way. Try to carry it on in class and hopefully learn more.


An a brilliant wirkshop an flytin wi Aiberdeen Perfomin Airts Youth Theatre Seniors!

Competition was a way to get involved which I’ve never seen […]

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At the Eyemouth Hippodrome!

At the quayside Hippodrome in guid time.

A taen a daunner doon the Maritime Museum an caught sicht o some phissogs!

An ma lugs wis fult wi bonnie sangs fae the Fisher Lassies!

Efter a fully selt oot shew we decidit fir tae dae a midnicht flit back tae Glesga afore the […]

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Aff tae Gallasheils wi ‘O’ is for Hoolet

We’re at the bonnie Mac Arts centre in Galla.

A magic wirkshop wi the Borders Youth Theatre.  Mair than A expectit, hauf the gruip wis due at Eyemooth the morra, but wird in the Steamie haed them thinkin they’d got their dates wrang!  The mair the better 😀

I liked learning lots of new Scottish […]

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Aff tae The Isle o Coll – First flytin wirkshop!

We’re at Coll’s An Cridhe Centre fir twa nichts.  The saicont nicht is the performance bit the nicht is The Flytin!

A flytin is a battle o wirds, ae unique Scots rhetorical form, flingin insults at wan anither fir tae see wha’s got the best patter.  Lik a slaggin match.  Maist famous is The Flyting […]

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A’m Creative Lairnin Director fir ‘O’ is for Hoolet Scottish tour!

A’m fair delichtit fir tae be tourin Scotland wi Ishbel McFarlane an her wan wummin shew ‘O’ if for Hoolet fae this April.

A’ll be teachin Scots tae schuil and drama gruips up an doon the laund!

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