Hiya!  A’m Michael an Mind yer Language? is the name o ma company, the title o ma forthcomin buik, the name o ma YouTube Channel, an, weel, the name o this website.  Sae whit’s aw that in aid o?  Hit’s ma wey o organisin aw the hings A dae when wirkin wi Scots language an accents.

A’m fascinatit wi human communication, an bein a furst leid talker o Scots an a B’nuil man fae The Lennox, or Dunbartonshire as they cry hit, A’m fascinatit wi Scots language an accents.  Born on the heilan boondry faut A fun dialects wi strang Gaelic aye a fascination.

Noo, fae awa back when A wis a wean tae the day A’v stuck ma neb in tae awthin tryin tae wirk oot hou things wirk.  An A’v aye wantit tae tell fowk efter A’v fun oot jist whit A fun oot.  Hou hit aw wirks.  Sae, nae surprises tae naeb’dy, A wound up a Scientist.  Ma interests taen me intae lairnin aboot wir brains, or harns tae gie them the aulder Scots name, an aw aboot hou wir language an thochts wirk an hou we kin try tae mak machines thit kin mimic thir hings.  Neuroscience an Psychology an Linguistics an Airtifeecial Intelligence.  On tap o that anaw, ayeweys, there’s got tae be Music!

Ye kin fun oot mair aboot me an whit A’v duin here but gin ye’r efter funnin oot mair whit A’m in tae then ye’ll be wantin tae follae ma blog, follae me on Phizzerbuik an Twitter, subscribe tae ma YouTube channel, read ma Manga translation, an contact me aboot talks, teachin an consultin!

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