Ma Emoji tae Scots Dictionar

😆 – Roarin
😉 – Ay ay!
😊 – Chufft
😋 – Sleverin
😎 – Cuil as!
😍 – Luv herts
😘 – Winch
😗 – Gie's a kiss!
😙 – Nippin
😚 – Luvin it!
☺️ – Made up!

— Michael Dempster (@DrMDempster) July 17, 2017

😯 – Awe

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A’m jist duin pittin Mozart’s Magic Flute intae Scots!

Bella Caledonia – Twa projects A’m pairt o at the Fringe


O is for Hoolet by Ishbel McFarlene explores whit Scots is the day. She ettles tae gie the audience an innin tae the leid fae ilka airt, includin fae ootside, quotin fae academics, fae inside, quotin fae Burns, an fae doonwards, quotin fae hersel as a bairn. Ishbel says Hoolet’s “aboot Scots at […]

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A stap aff at Keith an a drap in tae The Mither Tongue


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A wis gled fir tae get a invite tae gie a talk aboot Scots language an neuroscience in Innernis.

A gied the talk a few weeks back an wis weel chuffed thit fowk taen thi opportunity for tae stert talkin aboot their ain language an hou they uise baith Scots an Inglis […]

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Scots Language in the Scotland’s National Action Plan for Human Rights

Ma submission tae the Scottish Human Rights Commission haes been taen on bi the commission in their SNAP report.

They’v taen on the stigma thaim wi Scots face:

Addressing stigma and social attitudes
A large number of responses agreed with the reality described in ‘Getting it Right?’ of the existence of many negative and […]

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A submission to the Scottish Human Rights Commission on linguistic rights

An opinion on linguistic rights for speakers of the Scots language

Dr Michael Dempster – 14th March 2013

Dr Michael Dempster, researcher in psychology and linguistics. “In our society a disproportionate number of people in socially disadvantaged groups speak Scots, widely and incorrectly known as ‘bad English.’ I […]

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