Hunners o braw hings

A’v let ma blog here slide, there been hunners o braw things A’v been involved in tae dae wi Scots – A wound up daein them insteid o updatin them here. A plan tae mak time tae resume suin!

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Prominent Scots linguist secures Scriever residency

Dr Michael Dempster has just been named as the successful Scots Scriever and will soon begin his two-year residency at the National Library of Scotland.

Growing up speaking Scots at home, Dr Dempster has made the Scots language a prominent feature of his academic and artistic work. He has written librettos and graphic novels in […]

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A’m yer new Scots Scriever!

Dr Michael Dempster will soon begin a two-year residency as Scots Scriever at the National Library of Scotland.

Dr Dempster has made the Scots language a prominent feature of his academic and artistic work.

A prominent linguist, Dempster undertook a Psychology PhD at Glasgow University, researching the processing of rhythmical signals critical to language and […]

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In the Scottish Sun – SCOTS EMOJIS – Language whizz gives almost every emoji you can think a Scots meaning and some of them are brilliant

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A’m performin at the ‘Lighting the Lit’ Festival in Kinnen Pairk Complex

A’ll be daein a haunfae poyums an short stories.  A’ll be readin fae the first chaipter o ma manga tae!

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Fine praise in Moniaive

Take Me Home Country Roads

With the breadth and range of conventions that line the horizon of British comic fandom, you need to pick and choose which events you are going to attend to get the best bang for your buck.

But how do you measure that bang? Is it in the comics you can […]

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Bella Caledonia – Twa projects A’m pairt o at the Fringe


O is for Hoolet by Ishbel McFarlene explores whit Scots is the day. She ettles tae gie the audience an innin tae the leid fae ilka airt, includin fae ootside, quotin fae academics, fae inside, quotin fae Burns, an fae doonwards, quotin fae hersel as a bairn. Ishbel says Hoolet’s “aboot Scots at […]

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Buckie High School – Wirkshops an shaw!

We’d a grand time in Buckie.  The schuil bairns kent hunners o Scots wirds an we fun a wheen o the teachin wis gien in Scots.

I enjoyed this workshop because words I say are aloud for a change.


I liked learning about the Scots words which wouldn’t be used in Buckie.


We […]

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A’m invitit fir tae gie a talk at TEDxInverness!

A’m affae excitit fir tae be invitit tae gie a talk aboot Scots, linguistics an neuroscience at the first TEDxInverness event.

Mair information an tickets here!

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Short Film – Bullied – Scots language advisor an Soond design

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A’d anither rerr time wirkin wae Access Media on Bullied. A wis a advisor fir the weans makin the film aboot wirkin wi their ain Scot vyces an accents. A made aw the media an soons in the backgrun, radio, TV an music. Turnt oot braw!

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