Annville – new Scots language Pley at the Citz – full live readthro & panel discussion

Check in tae Annville live on Facebook fur a limitit time ainly tae watch the live readthro o the pley A’ve been language advisor on!  Efter there’ll be a panel discussion wi masel, Martin Travers, the pleywrocht, Amanda Gaughan, the Director, Heather Spears, author o the buik an Prof Kirstie Blair.

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Coachin Scots Vyce at Birnam

Scots in Comics – an illustrated talk in Govan Auld Kirk

‘mon doon tae Govan Auld Kirk fir a free talk on Scots in Comics!

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Scots in comics – lecture & wirkshop at Moniaive Comic Festival

Belter, mair fowk the day for ma lecture.  Wird got oot an hauf yisterday’s audience is back tae hear iz again!  Pure belter!

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Scots in comics – lecture at Moniaive Comic Festival

Delichtit fowk wis well intae ma talk!  Ya dancer 😀

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A’m Appearin at Moniaive Comic Festival 10th & 11th June

The Scots Tongue: The Future’s Oors. The episode wi me in it!

The Future’s Oors The Scots Tongue Episode 7 of 7 In the census of 2011, over 1.5 million Scots revealed that the Scots language was an important part of their national identity. Here, Billy Kay interviews language activists who worked to get the question on the census, who pioneered the acceptance of Scots in education […]

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TEDxInverness – Event!

Whit braw!  A’d a rerr time at TEDxInverness at Bogbain Farm.

Whit a bonnie location!

Thanks affae mich tae Ayliean MacDonald fir organisin the hale jing bang!  Some wummin!  An tae aw the ither talkers..

An tae awb’dy thit came.  Weel chufft fowk wis intae hit!

An a wee indication wha wis […]

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TEDxInverness Flyer

Here the flyer fir ma TedxInverness event, please shair aboot!

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