Lairnin Scots at Maybole

The day A wis at twa primary schuils in Maybole , Cairn Primary an St Cuthbert’s Primary giein clesses on Scots.  Hit wis Awesome!

Cairn Primary’s gaun trilingual wi permanent dispays in English, Scots an French.  Ye cannae whack hit!

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The Scots Tongue – Radio Documentary BBC

Billy Kay, author o Scots:The Mither Tongue recordit the classic Radio series The Scots Tongue fir BBC Radio4 and BBC Radio Scotland.  He’s updatin the documentary fir broadcast later this year an interviewit masel the day fir the new episode!

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The Droothy Cobbler – Elgin – ‘O’ is for Hoolet fills the hoose!

We’d a rare day in Elgin seein the cathedral then a grand performance in the evenin ben The Droothy Cobbler.

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Buckie High School – Wirkshops an shaw!

We’d a grand time in Buckie.  The schuil bairns kent hunners o Scots wirds an we fun a wheen o the teachin wis gien in Scots.

I enjoyed this workshop because words I say are aloud for a change.


I liked learning about the Scots words which wouldn’t be used in Buckie.


We […]

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Tap o Scotland – ‘O’ is for Hoolet comes tae The Mill Theatre in Thurso

The Mill theatre in Thurso is a great wee venue!

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‘O’ is for Hoolet comes to Ullapool

We played to Ullapool at the Macphail Centre.

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A stap aff at Keith an a drap in tae The Mither Tongue

Aiberdeen Woodside Primary an ‘O’ is for Hoolet at the Lemontree – BSL signit performance

The wirkshop here wis ane o the best.  The bairns aw kent hunners o Scots wirds!

I really enjoyed this secion. I ken that Scots isn’t used as often nowadays, but seeing someone as fluent and enthusiastic to teach Scots was awsome! Keep the good work going!


I thought it was useful to know […]

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‘O’ is for Hoolet – Kinross Kirk – hame show fir Ishbel. Sellt oot!

Haed a guid wirkshop on Scots language wi local gruip.

Banter (enjoyed)


A rerr show!  Affae guid fir tae see Ishbel’s hame crood.

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Aiberdeen Toorie!

Airyhall primary clesses in the morn.

Good fun, Good for children to learn Scots words in a fun way. Try to carry it on in class and hopefully learn more.


An a brilliant wirkshop an flytin wi Aiberdeen Perfomin Airts Youth Theatre Seniors!

Competition was a way to get involved which I’ve never seen […]

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