Hunners o braw hings

A’v let ma blog here slide, there been hunners o braw things A’v been involved in tae dae wi Scots – A wound up daein them insteid o updatin them here. A plan tae mak time tae resume suin!

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Scotland’s first Scots Langauge Café sterts 1st September 2018

Dr Lori Watson, the first doctor of artistic research in Scottish Music, and Dr Michael Dempster, the Scots Scriever are launching the first Scots Language Café in Glasgow on 1st September 2018.  Taking place at the Project Café at 134 Renfrew Street Glasgow G3 6ST between 3pm and 5pm.

Thereafter it will be held on the evening of […]

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Prominent Scots linguist secures Scriever residency

Dr Michael Dempster has just been named as the successful Scots Scriever and will soon begin his two-year residency at the National Library of Scotland.

Growing up speaking Scots at home, Dr Dempster has made the Scots language a prominent feature of his academic and artistic work. He has written librettos and graphic novels in […]

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A’m yer new Scots Scriever!

Dr Michael Dempster will soon begin a two-year residency as Scots Scriever at the National Library of Scotland.

Dr Dempster has made the Scots language a prominent feature of his academic and artistic work.

A prominent linguist, Dempster undertook a Psychology PhD at Glasgow University, researching the processing of rhythmical signals critical to language and […]

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Me on the award winning The Allusionist podcast talking aboot growin up talkin Scots

Listen tae the podcast here:

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Scots in Comics – Auld Govan Kirk – video trailer

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Ma talk in the Auld Kirk intro.

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Scots Mozart’s The Magic Flute – performance – Birnam Arts

Annville – new Scots language Pley at the Citz – full live readthro & panel discussion

Check in tae Annville live on Facebook fur a limitit time ainly tae watch the live readthro o the pley A’ve been language advisor on!  Efter there’ll be a panel discussion wi masel, Martin Travers, the pleywrocht, Amanda Gaughan, the Director, Heather Spears, author o the buik an Prof Kirstie Blair.

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Coachin Scots Vyce at Birnam

Magic flute coorse in Birnam Arts – Jyne up!