A’m performin at the ‘Lighting the Lit’ Festival in Kinnen Pairk Complex

A’ll be daein a haunfae poyums an short stories.  A’ll be readin fae the first chaipter o ma manga tae!

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A’m jist duin pittin Mozart’s Magic Flute intae Scots!

Scots birdies on #WorldSeabirdDay

"See ma, there a Sea-Maw!"
Sea maw – a Scots name fir the sea-gull.

Thon muckle black backit gull! #worldseabirdday pic.twitter.com/MbrdUpWwcv

— Michael Dempster (@DrMDempster) July 3, 2017

"There a skarth"

Scots name fir a shag! #worldseabirdday pic.twitter.com/DkfmFPeCUj

— Michael Dempster (@DrMDempster) July 3, 2017

"That's no […]

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A’m wirkin wi the Citizens Theatre as a Scots Language advisor fir a major new production!

Bella Caledonia – Moniaive or Bust – audio version!

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Bella Caledonia – Moniaive or Bust

Moniaive or Bust

Moniaive or Bust, Michael Dempster.

Hit’s the nicht afore A’m giein ma brent new lecture Scots Language in Comics (142AD tae 2017) at the Moniaive Comic Festival an hit’s jist dawnt on me, A hivnae mindit tae pick up Susan Rennie’s Scots language Tintin buik: The Derk Isle. Hit’s got ae […]

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Buy Thi Furst Manga in Scots Richt Here!

A’m pittin oot the warld’s furst manga in Scots.  Ye kin get hit fae the link ablow!


‘Gie ma regairds tae Jock Dhu’ is thi furst translation o a manga in tae Scots. Hit’s a rerr story aboot the young doctor Saito funnin his wey in Japan’s National Health Service. Jist oot o […]

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Fine praise in Moniaive

Take Me Home Country Roads

With the breadth and range of conventions that line the horizon of British comic fandom, you need to pick and choose which events you are going to attend to get the best bang for your buck.

But how do you measure that bang? Is it in the comics you can buy?  […]

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Scots in comics – lecture & wirkshop at Moniaive Comic Festival

Belter, mair fowk the day for ma lecture.  Wird got oot an hauf yisterday’s audience is back tae hear iz again!  Pure belter!

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Scots in comics – lecture at Moniaive Comic Festival

Delichtit fowk wis well intae ma talk!  Ya dancer 😀

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