We’re at Coll’s An Cridhe Centre fir twa nichts.  The saicont nicht is the performance bit the nicht is The Flytin!

A flytin is a battle o wirds, ae unique Scots rhetorical form, flingin insults at wan anither fir tae see wha’s got the best patter.  Lik a slaggin match.  Maist famous is The Flyting of Dumbar and Kennedie.  We’re haunin ane fir the people o Coll fir tae see wha’s got the gift o the gub.


A brocht alang ma sentence game fir fowk tae pley wi.  They enjoyit explorin thae wirds!

The Scots language cless an the flytin went doon a storm!



This workshop made me feel more passionately about Scots, Doric and learning more about the development of language. The flytin was also great

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