A’m affae gled fir tae anoonce A’m gien ten oor lang clesses at Glesga YWCA.  Thir clesses is pairt o the “It’s your History!” programme thit’s celebratin the hunner an fortieth year o Glesga YWCA.

We cover Scots gremmar, Scots wirds, Scots byleids (ur dialects), Scots language in culture.  We’ll hae some guid Scots fid an a traditional Scots Hallae’en alang wi luikin at Hogmanay.

Wimmen attendin the coorse hae first leids fae aw ower the warld.  We’ll be makin a Scots leid wird game thit’ll be translatit intae a wheen o ither leid fir tae be exhibitit at Glesga’s Mitchell library at the en o the year.

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