A wis delichtit fir tae get invitit tae dae a full efternin o Scots wi the Glesga YWCA wimmin’s discussion gruip. The gruip is mixt wi Glesga wimmen, Polish wimmen, Indian wimmen, Egyptian wimmen, Iraqi Wimmen… There e’en a Liverpudlian wummin an aw!

We blethert aboot whit the wimmen mak o the language in Glesga an Scotland. Attitudes tae the wey fowk talk cam up. An thaim wi Inglis as a saicont leid telt us aboot whit their first impressions o flittin tae Glesga made them think aboot their Inglis!


We went throu fowk’s favourite Glesga an Scots wirds an phrases an the wimmen e’en gied screivin Scots a shot on the muckle board fir tae pit on display in the ESOL (English as a Second or Other Language) teachin ruim!

Veesit the Glesga YWCA at their facebook page here!

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