Orpheus’ descent tae the Unnerwarld at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival!

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Language coachin the day fir Orpheus’ descent tae the Unnerwarld!

Twa days lairnin fowk Scots skills in Newton Stewart

A haed a mervilous couple  o days at Douglas Ewart High School wirkin wi a wheen o clesses in their theatre.

I really enjoyed discussing similar words in English and Scots. The Grammar changing. Thinking of rhyming words in Scots.


I enjoyed all of it as I found it really interesting and I found […]

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A Govan Cantata

Ma cantata haes been commissioned fir the Celtic Connections fringe event!

Shipyairds an sang!

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Performance at Vikingar!

Ae performance fae Orpheus

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The Descent o Orpheus tae the Underworld – Performance – Robert Burns Birthplace Museum

A’m that gled tae hiv done ma first opera!

Photies fae ahin the scenes:

Masel as a jugglincloon fir the first haufDirector an main man Orpheus, David Douglas

An here some photies o the performance:

Puir Euridyce’s but aff a asp an’s deid!

Demons o the unnerwarld!

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Scots Language Advisor on Ayrshire Opera’s new Opera

Delichtit fir tae be Scots language advisor fir Ayrshire Opera’s production o The Descent o Orpheus tae the Underworld.

Pit intae the Scots bi Chris Waddel o the Robert Burns Birthplace Museum A’ll be fittin pairts tae the music, advisin the cast on the pronunciation an giein interpretative advice on the narrative.¬† (An A’ll be […]

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