It’s McManga as Japanese comic translated into Scots patter

In the picture book “Gie ma regairds tae Jock Dhu”, characters retain their Oriental names but their patter is unmistakably Scottish.


Pages from the manga style Gie ma regairds tae Jock Dhu

A JAPANESE manga comic has been translated into Scots dialect for the first time.

Set in a hospital, the picture book, called “Gie ma regairds tae Jock Dhu”, tells the story of Dr Saito, who is drawn into a moral dilemma. And while the characters retain their Oriental names, their patter is unmistakably Scottish.

When a pal tells Saito that he is “luikin awfae knackert”, the newly-qualified medic replies: “Ay, a jist got aff ma shift there the noo.”

In another scene, Saito is told by an angry colleague: “Mon noo. Want tae stop pullin ’at face ivery time ye’r gien a jag.”

The comic’s creator Shuho Sato is determined to spread manga throughout the globe.

But Scots scribe “Andra” Dempster says painstakingly translating just one chapter takes “days and days”.

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