Coll performance o ‘O’ is for Hoolet

Whit a back drap fit the shew!  Fowk hae a rerr time!

On the wey hame we bumpt intae Parahandy.  Hit’s true!  If Dougie wis here he’d tell ye hissel!

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Aff tae The Isle o Coll – First flytin wirkshop!

We’re at Coll’s An Cridhe Centre fir twa nichts.  The saicont nicht is the performance bit the nicht is The Flytin!

A flytin is a battle o wirds, ae unique Scots rhetorical form, flingin insults at wan anither fir tae see wha’s got the best patter.  Lik a slaggin match.  Maist famous is The Flyting […]

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Blairtumnock community centre sees ‘O’ is for Hoolet!

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First nicht o ‘O’ is for Hoolet tour – Easterhoose, The Bridge

Aff tae a magic stert.  Hame crood at Platform in The Bridge, Easterhoose.

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Daily Record – It’s McManga

It’s McManga as Japanese comic translated into Scots patter 13:19, 22 Apr 2016 Updated 13:23, 22 Apr 2016 BySam Durkin In the picture book “Gie ma regairds tae Jock Dhu”, characters retain their Oriental names but their patter is unmistakably Scottish. 62 shares

Pages from the manga style Gie ma regairds tae Jock […]

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Gie ma regairds tae Jock Dhu – Ma Scots Manga Owersettin is noo online!

A’m Creative Lairnin Director fir ‘O’ is for Hoolet Scottish tour!

A’m fair delichtit fir tae be tourin Scotland wi Ishbel McFarlane an her wan wummin shew ‘O’ if for Hoolet fae this April.

A’ll be teachin Scots tae schuil and drama gruips up an doon the laund!

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A wis gled fir tae get a invite tae gie a talk aboot Scots language an neuroscience in Innernis.

A gied the talk a few weeks back an wis weel chuffed thit fowk taen thi opportunity for tae stert talkin aboot their ain language an hou they uise baith Scots an Inglis […]

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A Govan Cantata

Ma cantata haes been commissioned fir the Celtic Connections fringe event!

Shipyairds an sang!

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Performance at Vikingar!