Flytin at the Ryan Centre Theatre in Stranraer

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Twa days lairnin fowk Scots skills in Newton Stewart

A haed a mervilous couple  o days at Douglas Ewart High School wirkin wi a wheen o clesses in their theatre.

I really enjoyed discussing similar words in English and Scots. The Grammar changing. Thinking of rhyming words in Scots.


I enjoyed all of it as I found it really interesting and I found […]

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‘O’ is for Hoolet at The Gaiety in Ayr!

‘O’ is for hoolet in the Glencairn Gazette

Lairnin Scots at Girvin Academy

A grand couple o Scots language in Girvan Academy, whit a theatre!

I liked Scots similes/how to pronounce Scots words.


needed to be longer!

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Lairnin Scots at Maybole

The day A wis at twa primary schuils in Maybole , Cairn Primary an St Cuthbert’s Primary giein clesses on Scots.  Hit wis Awesome!

Cairn Primary’s gaun trilingual wi permanent dispays in English, Scots an French.  Ye cannae whack hit!

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The Scots Tongue – Radio Documentary BBC

Billy Kay, author o Scots:The Mither Tongue recordit the classic Radio series The Scots Tongue fir BBC Radio4 and BBC Radio Scotland.  He’s updatin the documentary fir broadcast later this year an interviewit masel the day fir the new episode!

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The Droothy Cobbler – Elgin – ‘O’ is for Hoolet fills the hoose!

We’d a rare day in Elgin seein the cathedral then a grand performance in the evenin ben The Droothy Cobbler.

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Buckie High School – Wirkshops an shaw!

We’d a grand time in Buckie.  The schuil bairns kent hunners o Scots wirds an we fun a wheen o the teachin wis gien in Scots.

I enjoyed this workshop because words I say are aloud for a change.


I liked learning about the Scots words which wouldn’t be used in Buckie.


We […]

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Tap o Scotland – ‘O’ is for Hoolet comes tae The Mill Theatre in Thurso

The Mill theatre in Thurso is a great wee venue!

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