The Droothy Cobbler – Elgin – ‘O’ is for Hoolet fills the hoose!

We’d a rare day in Elgin seein the cathedral then a grand performance in the evenin ben The Droothy Cobbler.

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Buckie High School – Wirkshops an shaw!

We’d a grand time in Buckie.  The schuil bairns kent hunners o Scots wirds an we fun a wheen o the teachin wis gien in Scots.

I enjoyed this workshop because words I say are aloud for a change.


I liked learning about the Scots words which wouldn’t be used in Buckie.


We […]

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Tap o Scotland – ‘O’ is for Hoolet comes tae The Mill Theatre in Thurso

The Mill theatre in Thurso is a great wee venue!

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‘O’ is for Hoolet comes to Ullapool

We played to Ullapool at the Macphail Centre.

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A stap aff at Keith an a drap in tae The Mither Tongue

Aiberdeen Woodside Primary an ‘O’ is for Hoolet at the Lemontree – BSL signit performance

The wirkshop here wis ane o the best.  The bairns aw kent hunners o Scots wirds!

I really enjoyed this secion. I ken that Scots isn’t used as often nowadays, but seeing someone as fluent and enthusiastic to teach Scots was awsome! Keep the good work going!


I thought it was useful to know […]

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‘O’ is for Hoolet – Kinross Kirk – hame show fir Ishbel. Sellt oot!

Haed a guid wirkshop on Scots language wi local gruip.

Banter (enjoyed)


A rerr show!  Affae guid fir tae see Ishbel’s hame crood.

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Aiberdeen Toorie!

Airyhall primary clesses in the morn.

Good fun, Good for children to learn Scots words in a fun way. Try to carry it on in class and hopefully learn more.


An a brilliant wirkshop an flytin wi Aiberdeen Perfomin Airts Youth Theatre Seniors!

Competition was a way to get involved which I’ve never seen […]

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At the Eyemouth Hippodrome!

At the quayside Hippodrome in guid time.

A taen a daunner doon the Maritime Museum an caught sicht o some phissogs!

An ma lugs wis fult wi bonnie sangs fae the Fisher Lassies!

Efter a fully selt oot shew we decidit fir tae dae a midnicht flit back tae Glesga afore the […]

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Aff tae Gallasheils wi ‘O’ is for Hoolet

We’re at the bonnie Mac Arts centre in Galla.

A magic wirkshop wi the Borders Youth Theatre.  Mair than A expectit, hauf the gruip wis due at Eyemooth the morra, but wird in the Steamie haed them thinkin they’d got their dates wrang!  The mair the better 😀

I liked learning lots of new Scottish […]

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