Ma vyce on Omniglot’s Usefae Scots Phrases site!

A yaised Simon Ager’s Omniglot site awa back in ma unnergrad degree when makin a Swahili text tae speech generator oot o ane this wis built fir Spanish text tae speech.  A’v stern in ma een fir tae edit an record the Usefae Phrases in Scots!  Check them oot here!

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#WorldAnimalDay on twitter

A Heilan Coo!#Scots #WorldAnimalDay

— Michael Dempster (@DrMDempster) October 4, 2016

A Rid Skurel!#Scots #WorldAnimalDay

— Michael Dempster (@DrMDempster) October 4, 2016

A Earn, or a Gowden Aigle!

(wi a @BillyBoydActor in there tae!) #Scots #WorldAnimalDay

— Michael Dempster (@DrMDempster) October […]

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The Scots Tongue: The Future’s Oors. The episode wi me in it!

The Future’s Oors The Scots Tongue Episode 7 of 7 In the census of 2011, over 1.5 million Scots revealed that the Scots language was an important part of their national identity. Here, Billy Kay interviews language activists who worked to get the question on the census, who pioneered the acceptance of Scots in education […]

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Billy Kay’s Cless Radio Documentar: “The Scots Tongue” Sterts The day!

The renew o the Series fae Billy Kay o Scots: The Mither Tongue fame sterts the day.  A’ll feature in the ae new episode, bit follae the hale series fae pairt wan here!

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Awa an see The Descent o Orpheus tae the Unnerwarl!

Bella Caledonia – Twa projects A’m pairt o at the Fringe


O is for Hoolet by Ishbel McFarlene explores whit Scots is the day. She ettles tae gie the audience an innin tae the leid fae ilka airt, includin fae ootside, quotin fae academics, fae inside, quotin fae Burns, an fae doonwards, quotin fae hersel as a bairn. Ishbel says Hoolet’s “aboot Scots at […]

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Orpheus’ descent tae the Unnerwarld at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival!

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Language coachin the day fir Orpheus’ descent tae the Unnerwarld!

Last nicht o the ‘O’ is for Hoolet tour o Scotland – The Swallow Theatre, Whithorn

A rerr finale tae wir tour!  The Swallow Theatre in Whithorn is a bonnie wee venue.  Nicola Black daein her MC the nicht.

Grun covert!

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‘O’ is for Hoolet at Tynron Village Hall

As pairt o Dumfries an Galloway Arts Live we’re in Tynron Village Hall.  Whit a bonnie place!

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