BBC – UK’s most northerly TED-inspired event for Inverness

Inverness is to host the UK’s most northerly TEDx event.

Technology Entertainment and Design (TED) conferences involve 18 minute-long talks from speakers which have included Stephen Hawking, Bono and JK Rowling.

“X” events are arranged independently, but with the blessing, of the TED programme.

University of Aberdeen graduate and maths teacher Ayliean MacDonald has […]

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TEDxInverness Flyer

Here the flyer fir ma TedxInverness event, please shair aboot!

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A’m invitit fir tae gie a talk at TEDxInverness!

A’m affae excitit fir tae be invitit tae gie a talk aboot Scots, linguistics an neuroscience at the first TEDxInverness event.

Mair information an tickets here!

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East Kilbride incident wins best film award!

Full write-up in the Daily Record.  yas!  Well done tae yees aw!

BUDDING young acting talent from a Greenhills youth group made the step from stage to big screen with their short film ‘The East Kilbride Incident’.

The youngsters’ hard work and commitment during the 10 week project was recognised and rewarded at a premier […]

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140 year o the Gleasga YWCA

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We ‘r appearin at the 140 year event wi wir Scot language game an wir lairners. We’r in the video commemorating the hunner an forty year tae!

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